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What can I say?  I'm a shopper!  Actually a shopper extraordinaire! I am in the stores and online constantly searching for unique and different items for myself and my family.  After searching for cool bracelets many years ago, and finding nothing that wowed me, I bought some beads and some stretchy cord.  I started tinkering, came up with a few bracelets that I liked, and started wearing them.  I wore that first bracelet stack into a store one fateful day in 2016 and voila a business was born!  I got my first order that day, and the rest is history. 

Elebeads are now sold in several stores and boutiques across the country and online.  Elebeads are still handmade in Massachusetts with great care to ensure the recipient is wowed, just like I would want to be.  My promise to all my customers is: I would never sell anything to you, that I wouldn't wear myself.  I guarantee you will appreciate the quality and the affordability of each and every bracelet you purchase. 

And don't forget, we donate to elephant charities as a nod to my love of elephants and my sincere belief that everyone should give back when and where they can.  Every dollar helps! Thanks for your support!